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Toucan-WMS for warehouse management and order picking for logistics providers (3PL)

Toucan-WMS software for the 3PL logistics sector

Logistics service providers (3PLs), as subcontractors of their customers' logistics activities, are subject to specific constraints such as having to manage different stocks in parallel, handle products of various kinds, and manage logistics flows specific to each customer.

To do this, inventory and warehouse management is essential; an efficient, agile and secure WMS software is needed to simplify the supply chain. Toucan-WMS meets these expectations by providing the digital tools necessary for goods receipt and control, stock storage in the warehouse, product inventory, order preparation and shipping.

Toucan-WMS offre aux prestataires logistiques des fonctions dédiées

  • Multi-activity and multi-site management

  • The customer web portal allowing the various clients to access their data in a secure manner, such as the status of their stocks or their operational statistics

  • Management of logistics activities using dashboards and real-time indicators (KPI)

  • Rapid deployment of your seasonal operators during peak periods of activity thanks to the intuitive user interfaces offered by the Toucan-WMS warehouse management software

  • Receiving, labeling and storage by location

  • Order picking via different modes: Simple picking, picking with integrated packing, voice picking, multi-picking, wave picking (tcChecking)

  • Packing according to the needs of each customer

  • Shipping and loading management with traceability