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tcChecking: The bulk order picking and order checking software

Orders verification
tcChecking is the bulk order picking and order checking software of the «Toucan-WMS» warehouse management system. It is a mobile application that runs on a mobile terminal with an integrated barcode reader or on an Android mobile device with a camera that acts as a barcode reader (PDA, tablet or cell phone).

Depending on its business and the organization of its processes, a company can organize its order picking according to different methods. tcChecking is used in cases where the operator must prepare or check an order from a batch of bulk items: For order preparations carried out in a warehouse that does not manage the storage bins, for the sorting by order of items picked in bulk during a multi-order preparation or for the verification of prepared orders within the framework of a quality assurance process.

Main features of tcChecking :

  • Display of the items of the order: Description, ordered quantity, prepared quantity
  • Validation of items by barcode reading
  • Recording of additional data: Expiration date, batch number, serial number, weight, traceability of pallets/packages
  • Detection of preparation errors when scanning items
  • Permanent connection with the centralized database by wifi link