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 Services related to the software suite «Toucan-WMS»

The teams of «Toucan-WMS» put their skills at your service to realize the steps of your digital transition:

  • Training: Designing learning plans for your employees
  • Audit: Analysis of your needs and proposal of solutions
  • Migration: Configuration and transfer of your data
  • Integration: Connection to external systems and custom developments

Engineering: Development and adaptation of «Toucan-WMS» software

Toucan-WMS is customized on requestThe warehouse management solution «Toucan-WMS» and all of its software components can be adapted to your environment and customized to meet the specific needs of your logistics field:

  • Integration with existing systems such as ERP, e-commerce systems, online stores
  • Adding functions dedicated to your business
  • Link with your databases
  • HTML integration, etc.

We also offer our development teams to implement «Toucan-WMS» software within your organization or to develop logistics applications specific to your field of activity.

The «Toucan-WMS» teams take care of all the steps of your project:

  • Definition of needs
  • Definition of specifications
  • Development
  • Receipt
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Support

Support and technical assistance to «Toucan-WMS» users

Support service available for Toucan-WMSA support and assistance service is available to «Toucan-WMS» users. Depending on your operational and budgetary constraints, you can select the support services best suited to your needs.

Contact us to define the type of support you want (free "Basic" support or customized "Premium" support).

Hosting of «Toucan-WMS» in «saas» mode (Software As A Service)

toucan wms in cloud as saas modeThe warehouse management software «Toucan-WMS» uses web technologies and can be operated in «saas» mode (saas: Software as a service); Your application is installed on a remote server that you can access via the Internet (cloud computing).

This configuration is intended for companies that wish to benefit from the functionalities of «Toucan-WMS», without having to manage the software and hardware components themselves.

You have the possibility to use your «Toucan-WMS» solution in «saas» mode using the infrastructure managed and secured by our teams.