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tcInventory: Stocks management software and Inventory management system

Counting items with a mobile terminal during inventorytcInventory is the stocks management software and the Inventory management system of the warehouse management system «Toucan-WMS». It is a mobile application that accompanies the operator in his daily management of the warehouse.

The stocks management software tcInventory allows the recording of all actions that can lead to a change in the stocks status: moving items from one location to another, manual addition of items, manual removal of items. tcInventory allows the identification of items and their corresponding locations by simple reading of the identification barcodes and thus makes it possible to know at any time which item in which quantity is located at which location in the warehouse.

The inventory management software tcInventory allows you to count the inventory status with minimal risk of error. The inventory software tcInventory allows you to count items by scanning the barcodes identifying the logistic units present in the warehouse and to locate items by reading the barcodes identifying each location.

The listed items can then be compared with the theoretical stock situation to identify differences and take corrective action.

tcInventory must be installed on a mobile device with an integrated barcode scanner. The inventory management software can also run on an Android mobile device with a camera that acts as a barcode scanner (tablets or mobile phones).