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Toucan-WMS for warehouse management and order picking of cosmetic products

Toucan-WMS offers manufacturers and distributors in the cosmetics sector digital tools adapted to the specificities of their supply chain to

Toucan-WMS software for the cosmetics industry

  • Manage a large quantity of references and packaging (Possibility of having several barcodes for the same article in order to manage the different logistic units)

  • Manage supplies from various countries (cohabitation of different types of barcodes depending on the place of origin of the articles: Gtin 13 (EAN-13), UPC-A, UPC-E, etc.)

  • Prepare cosmetic product boxes using the kitting function (kit preparation)

  • Manage the various BtoB and BtoC distribution channels

  • Enable compliance with regulatory requirements (expiration date, lot number, serial number, etc.)

  • Respect quality and safety standards

  • Ensure product traceability from end to end of the supply chain (from receipt of goods to shipment, including storage and order preparation)

Toucan-WMS adapts to the different logistics flows of the cosmetics industry

Toucan-WMS can be adapted to the logistics of all types of orders, from small volume orders for end customers to large volume orders for intermediaries. It is also possible to group several small volume orders together and prepare them simultaneously in order to minimize their processing time thanks to the tcMultipicking application.

Toucan-WMS offers numerous configuration options to meet the specific needs of the cosmetics industry: Reception with sorting, preparation methods adapted to the different distribution channels (supermarkets, department stores, parapharmacy, e-commerce), supply to points of sale, cross-docking, co-packing and kitting.

Toucan-WMS offers security, traceability and quality monitoring of cosmetic products

Toucan-WMS has integrated tools that allow for optimal traceability of cosmetic logistics flows (up to unit management of the serial number to authenticate each article) as well as the management of the entire logistical cycle of preparation, from order to batch recall.

Customization of preparations and orders with Toucan-WMS

Toucan-WMS offers significant productivity gains by allowing the customization of orders before they are shipped: kitting, co-packing, labeling, packaging or even stacking.