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tcReceiving: The goods receiving software

Receiving goods by reading barcodes with a mobile terminaltcReceiving is the goods receiving software of the warehouse management system «Toucan-WMS». It is a mobile application that allows the logistic operator to receive the delivery from a supplier, to check the content by scanning the barcode identifying the goods and to identify possible errors: Undelivered ordered items, unwanted items, wrong delivered quantities.

The logistic operator scans the barcode identifying the received items (barcode of each item, packaging barcode containing a batch of items or barcode indicating the content of a pallet) and the goods receiving software tcReceiving indicates him in real time if an error is detected: Unwanted item or article in quantity higher than expected. At the end of the goods receipt, tcReceiving validates the goods receipt and indicates any missing items.

The software of goods receipt tcReceiving must be installed on a mobile terminal with an integrated barcode reader. tcReceiving can also perform the control of a delivery by running on an Android mobile device with a camera acting as a barcode reader (tablets or cell phone).

Main features of tcReceiveing :

  • Identification of the logistics operator by personal badge
  • Automatic loading of the details of the delivery to be received
  • Display of the list of items to be received: reference number, description, quantity
  • Control of goods received by reading the barcodes of the logistic units: consumer unit (single items), logistic unit (boxes), shipping unit (pallets)
  • Entry of additional data when receiving an item: shelf life expiration date (SLED), batch number, pallet/package traceability, weight, etc.
  • Immediate detection of delivery errors when scanning items: non-ordered items, excess items
  • Possibility of suspending the receipt of goods in progress with a view to subsequent collection
  • Possibility to force the validation of the receipt of goods in case of undelivered items
  • Delivery validation with automatic detection of missing items
  • Automatic update of stock status