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 «Toucan-WMS Starter» for small business

With «Toucan-WMS Starter», who can do more can do less !

Logo of the WMS software Toucan-WMS Starter«Toucan-WMS Starter» is the version of Toucan-WMS specifically adapted to be the WMS software for small businesses.

For a small company, the choice of its WMS software is particularly delicate: it is necessary to have a simple system which does not slow work down with a multitude of useless features, and that is able to evolve and adapt to future needs.

Whatever the field, starting a new business always involves a number of challenges. One of them, and not the least, is to succeed in financing your production tools with a very limited budget.

«Toucan-WMS Starter» answers to these issues by offering a scalable system based on a «step-by-step» implementation that grows with your business: At first, Toucan-WMS  can be a simple picking software limited to order preparation, then the solution can be gradually augmented to become a complete WMS software offering all the necessary tools to manage a warehouse.

The staged approach of «Toucan-WMS Starter»

Thanks to the modular architecture of Toucan-WMS, «Toucan-WMS Starter» implements a strategy that keeps initial costs low based on the following aspects:

  • A step-by-step (incremental) deployment limited to essential functionalities
  • A light configuration limiting the number of users
  • A startup that does not require investment in an IT infrastructure, an Android phone is enough
  • A software that can work in standalone mode without integration with an ERP
  • A low monthly cost that is easy to budget

Should I start with «Toucan-WMS Starter» or with Toucan-WMS ?

You select «Toucan-WMS Starter»...

  • If your small business has increased its order and inventory volumes to the point where it exceeds the processing capabilities of paper-based procedures
  • If you plan to reduce the number of picking errors by introducing the use of barcodes
  • If you simply want to reduce the time spent on order fulfillment by using mobile terminals to optimize the operator's picking path

You select Toucan-WMS if your needs go beyond simple order preparation and require more sophisticated features (packing, SSCC management, shipment tracking, etc.).

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Who is «Toucan-WMS Starter» for?

All start-ups that have to manage a logistic flow

Auto-entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs and micro-businesses active in e-commerce, online sellers, online stores, B to B or B to C

Small and medium-sized manufacturers who operate a small warehouse

Cash and carry type companies