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tcPicking: Order picking software and order management software

Order picking with barcode reading when picking itemstcPicking is the order picking software of the warehouse management system «Toucan-WMS». It is a mobile application that accompanies the order picker and guides him in his order preparation by showing him the locations where he must go and the items to be added to the order.

The picker scans the barcode of each item taken out of stock and the order picking software tcPicking informs him in real time if an error is detected: unwanted item or item in excess of the quantity required for the order. At the end of the order management process, tcPicking checks the validity of the order picking and indicates any missing items.

The order management software tcPicking must be installed on a mobile terminal with an integrated barcode scanner. The order picking software can also run on an Android mobile device with a camera that acts as a barcode scanner (tablets or cell phones).

Main features of tcPicking :

  • Preparer identification by personal badge
  • Automatic loading of the details of the order to be prepared
  • Definition of the items picking sequence / optimization of the preparation path in the warehouse
  • Display of items to be prepared: reference number, description, quantity, location in warehouse
  • Entry of additional data during the picking of an article: Expiration date, batch number, traceability of pallets / packages, weight, etc...
  • Confirmation of picking by reading the barcode of each item
  • Automatic consideration of logistic units (LU): Several barcodes corresponding to physical groupings of the same item in different quantities
  • Immediate detection of picking errors when scanning items
  • Possible entry of data concerning the prepared order
  • Possibility of suspending the preparation of an order in progress in view of a later resumption
  • Possibility to force the validation of an order in the case of an article not available in stock
  • Validation of the order with detection of missing items
  • Automatic update of inventory status