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PrestaShop and Toucan-WMS to optimize the order preparation and warehouse management of your e-commerce platform

Why integrate the Toucan-WMS warehouse management software into Prestashop?

Toucan-WMS for Prestashop


PrestaShop, like its main competitors Magento, WooCommerce or Shopify, is an e-commerce platform that allows to create and operate an online store in a simple way. Prestashop focuses primarily on the sales aspect (presentation of items, order taking, customer data entry, payment of the purchase, ...).

On the other hand, Prestashop offers only few tools to manage the logistic part of the e-commerce activity: It is not enough to sell; it is also necessary to source and store the goods, to follow the evolution of the stock, to prepare and send the registered orders.

Performing these tasks with the help of Prestashop alone is a tedious job requiring many hours of work per day and leading to many processing errors. If the sales of the online store increase significantly, it becomes simply impossible to manage the logistics with the help of Prestashop alone.

Therefore, the most efficient solution is to integrate Prestashop with Toucan-WMS warehouse management software that can provide all the necessary functionalities to manage logistics tasks.

Prestashop and Toucan-WMS, the head and legs of your online store

By integrating Toucan-WMS with Prestashop you have the best of both worlds, the virtual world of information and the real world of warehouse management. This allows you to meet your customers' expectations in the most efficient way possible.

Toucan-WMS exchanges information with Prestashop in real time, organizes the operations in the warehouse (management of the locations in the warehouse, entry and exit of the articles in stock), allows a fast and error-free preparation of orders, controls the packing and shipping of the orders, allows your sales portal to indicate the list of available products according to the real state of the stocks.

The integration of Prestashop and Toucan-WMS reduces order preparation time by controlling the activity of your operators, reduces delivery errors, and eliminates the risk of stock shortages.

Toucan-WMS increases the capabilities of Prestashop by adding many features

  • The use of mobile terminals (PDA) to scan barcodes of items, locations, labels identifying pallets, etc.
  • Verification and entry into Prestashop of the details of the deliveries of its suppliers (reception of goods via PDA)
  • Inventory management (storage, stock status recording, inventories) via PDA and automatic update of product availability in Prestashop
  • Order preparation via PDA with optimization of the path taken by the operator and automatic detection of preparation errors
  • The availability of different preparation modes depending on the type of articles sold (manual picking using a picking list or electronic picking: simple picking, picking with packaging, multi-picking, wave picking, etc.)
  • Simultaneous management of several operators involved in goods reception or order preparation
  • Multi-location management of items in addition to the usual Prestashop operation
  • The use of several barcodes for the same article to identify its different logistic units in addition to the usual operation of Prestashop
  • Effortless capture and entry of tracking data in Prestashop such as expiration dates (DLC, DLUO, ...), serial number, lot number, weight, tracking number (SSCC)
  • Printing of shipping documents (delivery note, packing list, shipping label, ...)
  • Management of packing and shipping with the help of PDA
  • Import and export of Prestashop data via various means such as EDI, web services, ftp/sftp, CSV/XML/PDF file exchange